In our space we constantly provoke and carry out experiences, because that’s what we like to call them, because each one of them involves the senses of the participants and diners beyond a meal.

We are currently a restaurant born from an Association of people around gastronomy, so the range of possibilities is very wide and gives free rein to our own imagination and that of our friends.


We have carried out numerous gastronomic workshops where we play with the knowledge of the seasons, the products and the way of cooking them following styles, customs and traditions. We have four workshops available that can be held in our space or in any other suitable space, meeting a minimum of 6-8 people in each one and with a notice of at least 48 hours in advance. The workshops that we have available are Bullavesa, traditional Ibizan “bollit de peix”, triangle of rice or lobster or lobster stews. The workshops consist of a cooking master class for each dish combined with its tasting and can be done for lunch or dinner. Contact us for more information.


We offer to come to your home or space to publicize our gastronomy from a private gastronomic workshop as a dinner or catering for any type of occasion. It will always be necessary to meet the minimum necessary infrastructure so that we can cook in other spaces, but one of our clear objectives is to promote knowledge of our gastronomic culture, so traveling well organized is not a problem. We can serve your parties or celebrations and provide added value to them, a value based on the tradition of our cuisine, the seasons of our products and the professionalism of creating different, unique, close and warm experiences. Sometimes a public commercial space can waive these privileges for some special occasions, therefore, we are at your disposal in your own spaces.


In the same way that we want to make our gastronomy and culture known, we also want to learn other customs from other cities and countries. We are fascinated by learning from other people who are passionate about cooking, and for this reason, we want to promote cultural exchanges that enrich the knowledge of all those involved. We want to reinforce all of this with our advertising campaign, so that everyone can closely follow these exchanges and appreciate how we take our gastronomy to more parts of the world. Mallorca has very solid and rich gastronomic roots and we believe that they should be made known. We are, therefore, open to interesting and serious ideas and collaborations that help us in this work and that reinforce our deepest intention and our philosophy from when we started as a Gastronomic Association.


Another way of our most beautiful experiences is the personalization or theming of them beyond our own competences. We can provide many complementary ideas to adapt and magnify the experiences by combining characteristic activities of our Mallorcan culture and traditions. For example, we can provide guided visits to wineries, wine or liquor tasting, excursions to the sources of our raw materials, shopping in the markets, and a variety of walks and visits that will complete the main activity of our community: cooking. . We can even help in the management of transport and accommodation logistics. We want you to get used to expressing your desires, tastes and interests so that our team can design the perfect experience for you, which you will undoubtedly keep in your memories forever, as they will fulfill sensory journeys that are difficult to forget.